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Wine Tour

They say, the truth is at the bottom of the wine bottle. But is the wine any good? Let’s find out! Book now (and bottoms up)!

Street Food'n'Culture Tour

Mmmm! Our tastiest tour! Specially conceived for those with curious minds and sensitive taste buds, it is a mixture of everything great in Bucharest! Order now!

Best in Bucharest Tour

Book now for an unforgettable experience. The most famous architectural and historical landmarks, the best lemonade and the best cakes in town. Yummy!

Belle Epoque Palaces Tour

You are rich and famous in the 19th century. What house can your money buy? We’ll show you! Enjoy the amazing Belle Epoque mansions, together with the usual mix of history, architecture, gossip and fun!

Hidden Bucharest Tour

Book now our favorite Bucharest tour! You’ll find the heart of Bucharest, you’ll see what makes it unique among the other European cities. You’ll love it!

Jewish Bucharest Tour

Book our most famous walking tour and you’ll learn why the Jewish community was so important for Bucharest and what happened with it. Unforgettable!

Bucharest Architecture Tour

Book now and you’ll see what made Bucharest the Little Paris of the East and how Bucharest built its identity. If you like architecture, this is for you!

Communist Bucharest Tour

Curious about Communism? Want to find out about the disaster it left behind? Book now and you’ll learn about the real life in Bucharest during Ceausescu.

Custom Tours

Write me an email and let me know your preferences and we will find together the perfect mix of architecture, history and tradition.

Are you ready for a great experience?

The best way to experience a city is to have local friends guiding you. You’ll have their full attention, they’ll take their time to accommodate your pace and answer all your questions. If you have little time, we’ll go faster, if you are in a mood for a nice, relaxing stroll, you can have it. We can even enjoy a nice, ice cold, mint lemonade while debating about the Romanian Royal family, Dracula or our kids. So, prepare for a very nice, pleasant and intimate experience.

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Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2018

For the third time in a row, after more than 600 tours, 1500 tourists and 150+ excellent reviews, we got the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence. Many thanks, friends, for the effort you put in writing the reviews. They mean a lot to us. We have learnt a lot from your feedback and thanks to you, Bucharest Step by Step is getting better and better! See you soon!