Communist Bucharest Tour

The dark night of the Romanian soul! Book now!


  • Revolution square and University Square – the starting point of democracy in Romania
  • Communist Party’s headquarters and the Memorial of Rebirth 
  • Small but really beautiful churches hidden behind standardized apartment blocks
  • Antim Monastery built at the beginning of the XVIIIth century by Antim Ivireanul
  • Palace of the Parliament – second largest building in the world (after the Pentagon)
  • Mitropolie Hill – the residence of the Romanian Ortodox Patriarch

Bucharest and Romania were under Communist rule for nearly half a century but few people remember nowadays the grim reality of the 80s, with people waiting in a queue for almost any basic food product or groceries, or the forced pro-natalist policies meant to increase the birthrate in Romania.

Join the Communist Bucharest Tour and you will find out real stories about Ceau?ima – one of the largest peacetime urban destructions at the hands of humans in recorded history – uncover the amazing story of small churches hidden from view behind standardized apartment blocks. After this tour, you will understand why communism has brought a nation to its knees and why the porridge finally exploded in the 1989 revolution.


Tour Duration

Three hours

Starting Time


Meeting Place

Carol I Statue, Revolution Square

What’s Included

  • Transportation by car (max 4 people)

What’s Not Included

  • Museum entrance tickets
  • Food or snacks

Carol I Statue, Piata Revolutiei


Groups of 1-2 people

Fixed price per tour: 130 €

Groups of 3-4 people

Price per person: 50 €

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